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ABBOTT ID NOW Point of Care (Rapid PCR) Testing now available at DeliverIt Pharmacy


DeliverIt Pharmacy is excited to now be offering one of the most advanced molecular point of care testing technologies used in the United States of America. Abbott ID NOW is a rapid test that detects COVID-19 in as little as five minutes.  To conduct a test, a swab of the nose is taken and then placed into an acidic liquid solution heated to 132.8⁰ F that cracks open the envelope of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, exposing its viral RNA. Then the device amplifies the RNA hundreds of millions of times to make the virus detectable - returning test results in 13 minutes or less.

  • Leading molecular point-of-care (POC) platform in the United States, trusted by hospitals, physician offices, and urgent care facilities nationwide

  • High-quality molecular technology targeting COVID-19 gene

  • Positive results may be detected in as little as 5 minutes

  • Negative results in 13 minutes


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